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Cultural Activities in Murcia

Music Festivals in Murcia

Folk Music and Wine Tasting in Bullas - January - March

Jazz Festival in San Javier - July

La Mar de Músicas - World Music Festival in Cartagena - July

Cante de Las Minas - Flamenco Festival in La Union - August

Man playing flamenco guitar
The Grand Hotel in Cartagena

Art & Architecture in Murcia & Cartagena

Modern Art

MURAM - Museum of modern art in Cartagena hosts free exhibitions throughout the year. See website for current schedule.

Modernist Architecture

Cartagena is home to a large number of beautiful buildings, mainly built in the early 1900's. The mining industry was booming at the time and people were showing off their wealth by building luxury houses. The town hall in Cartagena (which has been restored in recent years) was also built during this period. You can pick up maps from the tourist office which highlight the most interesting buildings to see.

Murcian Art

MUBAM - Museum of fine art in Murcia shows a selection of Murcian art though the past 300 years. Includes paintings, sculptures, ceramics and glasswork.

Ecclesiastical Architecture

There are a huge number of churches and monasteries in the area, the cathedral in Murcia City is a beautiful baroque building with a very impressive exterior.

History of Cartagena & Murcia

Punic History

Dating from 229 BC Cartagena's city walls and crypt give you a chance to see the city as it was many years ago. Models and maps help to recreate the original port city of Qart-Hadasht as Cartagena was once called.

Roman History

There are a huge number of Roman remains in the area including the amphitheatre, villas, bath houses, shopping streets and temples. The cities of Cartagena and Murcia have a rich Roman history.

Mining History

A visit to the Mine in La Union will give you a chance to see the challenging working conditions for the miners back in the the 1900's. Cartangea's wealth came from these mines and the Romans also plundered the surrounding hills as they were rich in minerals and silver.

Military History

Cartagena has been a major naval base for centuries and hills surrounding the Mediterranean are dotted with gun enplacements and castles. There is also a very interesting Miliatry Museum in the city centre.

Marine History

Due to its location Cartagena has a rich marine history and the museum of marine archeology ARQUA provides a picture of the city as it developed using models and reconstructions. The naval museum next to the port now houses the first submarine which was designed by a local man Isaac Peral.

The old cathedral in Cartagena
The Spanish flag

Spanish Language

Are you learning Spanish and want to get some extra tuition or just practice your conversational skills? You could get out on the water in the morning and take Spanish classes in the afternoon. We know a local Spanish teacher who we would recommend. He speaks fluent English so you can contact him directly via email to make arrangements.

Andres Lopez Mateo lives in Los Belones just 5 mins away; he teaches private lessons normally during the afternoon.

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