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Fiestas in Murcia

Fiestas from January to June

There are fiestas throught the year in Murcia.  The dates provided below are normally the saint's day or public holiday which falls within the fiesta period. The fiesta normally starts a week or two before the actual holiday. If no specific date is given the date changes annually. Each fiesta is often accompanied by a tapa route where local restaurants compete to create the best tapa.  This is a great way to explore and area try some local food.

Carnival - Cartagena & Murcia - January/February
Celebration before the start of Lent (40 days before Easter) a bright and colourful parade with lots of feathers and scantily clad women! Normally coincides with the Tapa Route of Cartagena.

Semana Santa - Cartagena & Murcia - March/April
Easter week - there are processions every day in the local cities and smaller processions in the local towns and villages.  Lorca also hosts a huge parade this week and the Incursion of the Burbers is celebrated in Los Alcazares. The Tapa Route of Los Urrutias normally takes place during Semana Santa.

Carnival in Cartagena
a tapa and drink

Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador - Los Belones - May 15
Los Belones fiesta week includes different activities every day including activities for children, live bands, shows and dancing in big tent which is situated in the Village square. There is also the Romaría where the statue of the Saint is taken from the church and carried up the hill to the source of the local spring where a mass is held.

The Tapa Route of Los Belones
takes place for two weeks at the beginning of May.  There is also the Tapa Route of Los Alcazares which normally takes place in May.

Cartagena Sabor - Cartagena - June
A chance to try out some rather up market tapa from some of the best restaurants in the area.  Served in a tented area next to the port in Cartagena.

Roman soldiers in Cartagena

Fiestas in September

Folk Festival & Feria de Murcia - Murcia - September 1-12 (aprox)
Folk music and folk dancing take place in various locations throughout the city. The Feria is a celebration of the produce of the campo of Murcia you can sample this produce down at the Malecón alongside the river Segura where there are many stalls selling tapa; the local vinyards also have a wine tasting zone.

Moors & Christians - Murcia - September 8-12 (aprox)
Takes place at the same time as the Feria de Murcia. Hundreds of people dress up, parade through the streets and give displays of crafts and skills from the history of Murcia. Events take place throughout the city so you will need to get hold of a map and an up-to-date programme.

Romans & Cartagienses - Cartagena - end of September
A huge fiesta which lasts about 10 days. Hundreds of people dress up in costume and reenact parts of Cartagena's history. Each group taking part in the fiesta build a base at the large encampment near the football stadium, some of these are very elaborate and look like a roman villa or anceint castle. Here you can buy traditional tapa and other foods which would have been eaten by the people of that time...and also more modern food like burgers and chips!

Fiestas from October - December

Fiesta of Torre Pacheco - October 7
A much smaller afair than the fiestas of Cartagena or Murcia Cities however lots of people dress up and parade, set up peñas, eat and drink and generally have a good time.

Surfari & Día del Caldero - Los Alcázares - October 12

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing regatta weekend. Coincides with Caldero Day where the locals set up fires on the beach and cook the traditional dish called Caldero.

Fiesta and Tapa Route of San Javier - November

Tapa Route in El Algar - December 6

Navidad & 3 Rayes Magos - December 25 / January 6
A large number of festive events take place during the Christmas season including choral recitals, processions and markets. Each town has a Belen which is a model of the Christmas story, these can be huge and take in the whole of the life of Christ, with moving parts and very detailed characters. They are best seen after dark as many have special lighting.

Windsurfers in Los Alcazares
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