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Multi-Activity Holidays

If you can't decide which activity you want to do...  Come and try them all!

With a multi-activity holiday you can try lots of different activities and then decide which you enjoy most.  Our holidays can include dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, stand up paddle and power boating. Some example multi-activity packages are given below however you can build your own package.

You can participate in activities every day of your holiday, every other day...or simply whenever you want.

"We did a mixture of sailing, sand up paddle boarding and kayaking. The tuition was excellent. Our little boy wasn't old enough to sail, but he really enjoyed the sea kayak adventure. The mar menor is nice and warm... The water they took us out on for kayaking and SUP is not too deep. Great all round experience and would recommend."

Multi-Activity Packages

Watersports Taster
4 sessions

Select 4 activities from: windsurfing, sailing, stand up paddle, kayaking and power boating.

Get Wet Week
5 sessions

Try a different activity each day of the week including: dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, stand up paddle and power boating.

Major & Taster
6 sessions

Major on one activity and get a taster for the others e.g. learn to windsurf and get a taster of sailing and kayaking.

Double Whammy
6 sessions

Take two sessions of each activity you choose e.g. sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. Spread this over a week or two.

Group Sizes

Multi-activity prices vary depending on the size of your group. Group size can range from 1-6 people and can be a mixture of adults and children.
We often operate with a 2:1 student instructor ratio however the maximum is 3:1 for sailing and 4:1 for windsurfing.

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Learn to sail or improve your skills on the beautiful Mar Menor. Our private tuition will enable you to learn quickly with lessons tailored to your fitness and experience. 

We normally teach sailing in a boat accompanied by an instructor.  Single-handed sailing is available for more experienced sailors.

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The Mar Menor provides the perfect conditions for windsurfing with flat, shallow, warm water. 

We have equipment especially suited to beginners; the sails are lightweight and the boards very stable which makes it quicker & easier to get going. Larger rigs and smaller boards are available for intermediate windsurfers.

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The lagoon of the Mar Menor has many islands and beaches, since the water is very shallow in many areas kayaks provide the ideal vehicle to explore.

We will take you on a an excursion adapted to suit your fitness and ability. The trip can also include bird watching or snorkelling.

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Stand-Up Paddle

SUP has become very popular in recent years.  It is suitable for anyone; you don't have to be super fit!

We teach you the basics and then take you on a short excursion.  It is ideal when the wind is light and the water is flat so mornings on the Mar Menor are ideal.

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Motor Boat

Get out and explore the islands of the Mar Menor, swim and snorkel then go home with some great photos.  Trips are suitable for up to 5 people and we can take children as young as 4 years. 

You can also learn some power boating techniques from Julian who is a qualified RYA Power Boat Instructor. 

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There is a huge amount of sea-life in the Mar Menor, since the water is so warm and shallow it provides a great introduction to snorkelling. Children as young as 5 can easily have a go! 

Snorkelling trips may be either combined with a motor boat trip or kayak safari.

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All teaching is based on the RYA Syllabus

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