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Towns & Cities in Murcia


The old Moorish city of Murcia is known for its shops, architecture and history. Murcia has a very famous Cathedral and also numerous attractive squares where you can sit, relax and people watch!

Some of the highlights are: the Plaza Cardenal Belluga, this is the Cathedral Square which is surrounded by many cafes;  the Plaza de las Flores which has may flower stalls and cafes and El Malecón which is the promenade next to the botanical gardens.

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The plaza and Cathedral in Murcia


Cartagena has a weath of history with many castles, Roman ruins, modernist architecture and a large number of museums. It also has a large port, which is a lovely area to stroll, take a boat trip, or sit out and have a coffee.

The "must see" locations in Cartagena are the port area, the Roman Ampitheatre and Castle and the Old Town with its attractive architecture and shops.

For more information on art galleries and architecture and museums please follow the links.


Lorca is a historic town with a magnificent. 13th century castle which dominates the skyline.

There are a number of archaeological sites including the Milaria Column from the Roman age, the Tower of Espolón, the Alfonsina Tower and the San Antonio Porch, a gate from the old walled enclosure which guarded the city, from the 10th century. There are also many churches and convents of different ages and styles.

The Castle at Lorca
A street in Caravaca de la Cruz

Caravaca de La Cruz & Calasparra

Caravaca de la Cruz is an important religious center for Catholic pilgrims due to a famous relic (La Vera Cruz - The True Cross) which miraculously appeared there. It is an attractive and historic town with a very impressive castle there is also a lovely park located next to the rio Argos which is just outside of the town. For more information on the fistas and some great photos see this link.

The region of Calesparra is very famous for its rice production, this rice is traditionally the best you can buy if you want to make a paella. The paddy fields are located next to the rio Segura which winds its way through the countryside.

Archena & Fortuna

Just north of Murcia you will discover the ancient spa towns of Archena and Fortuna. Set in beautiful surroundings, you can relax in the luxurious natural hot-water springs. Both of these towns have hot spring spa baths dating back to the Roman times.

The 19th century Balneario de Archena is set up in the hills with wonderful views. There are indoor and outdoor pools, steam rooms and an ice room. Just further north is Fortuna, a small village located out in the countryside with a cluster of hotels and houses surrounding the spa.

The spa at Archena
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